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Try at home…

Tide Pool Bubbles

This super fun sensory experience couldn’t be easier! Just squeeze a tablespoon or so of your favorite kids’ soap into a mixing bowl with about a cup of water. Turn your stand mixer on high with the whisk attachment, and watch in amazement as the sea foam grows bigger and bigger! Add a drop or two of food coloring for extra fun!

Paint Sticks

Do you feel a little nervous about handing your two year old a paint brush? Try paint tempera paint sticks like these first! They’re vibrant, smooth, and virtually mess-free. The paint goes on just about any surface and dries in about 90 seconds.

Pipe Cleaner beading

Talk about some serious fine-motor development! Beading takes concentration and persistence, but if you use pipe cleaners instead of regular yarn or string, the extra stiffness gives little ones greater success from the start. Throw a few beads and a pipe cleaner in a ziplock bag, and you may actually get to eat your dinner the next time you’re at a restaurant!

Anna Harpe