My Heart

my heart.jpg

Corinna Luyken’s illustrations in My Heart are absolutely incredible; they’re much different in style from her first work- The Book of Mistakes, but no less mesmerizing.  The soft grey palette is interspersed with pops of yellow for an effect that radiates warmth and hope from the page.

Inspired by this beautiful book and its unique color scheme, we created these sweetly simple heart flowers with a few basic art supplies.


  • Black construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Metal brads

  • Yellow oil pastels (or crayons or chalk or colored pencils…)



1. Draw yellow hearts on black construction paper.

2. Color! (Try using your oil pastels or crayons on their side to get that “chalky” look)

hearts page.jpg

3. Cut them out

4. Poke metal brad through the pointy end of the hearts, one at a time. I used six hearts per flower.

5. Fan out to create your heart flower!

These are beautiful as-is, or you can complete the look and add a stem. Just scour your house for something stem-like…. Bamboo skewers, pipe cleaners, straws, popsicle sticks, or pencils all make perfect flower stems.

Use your lovely heart flowers on a Valentine’s Day card or tie a bunch with a ribbon to give to that special someone for a simple, beautiful, and heartfelt gift.

Anna Harpe