Tiny, Perfect Things


Like most kids, my little ones are collectors.  Leaves, stones, acorns, feathers... if it can fit in a pocket, it comes back to our house.  Which, some days, can drive me crazy.  I'm constantly hearing stones beat around the dryer and trying to scrape crumbled leaves from pocket linings. 

M.H. Clark and Madeline Kloepper have performed a small miracle with their book, Tiny, Perfect Things, reminding me of the magic of miniature treasures. Inspired by this beautifully simple story, I created a couple of "treasure frames" to help see the ordinary in a new way (and keep these tiny  things out of tiny pockets!).


  • Old frames (with glass removed)
  • Plain black paper (optional)
  • Clear contact paper
  • Tape
  • lots of tiny, perfect things

Activity Prep:

1. Remove the glass from frames, and line with plain paper if desired.

2.  Cut contact paper to size, then peel off the paper and tape to the inside of the frame backing, sticky side up. 

I find it easiest to peel and tape at the same time.

I find it easiest to peel and tape at the same time.

3.  Place the backing back into the frame, and they're ready for a treasure hunt!


Let your kids go on a tiny, perfect things hunt with their sticky frames.  There's no right or wrong way to do this.... use them on a walk, at a park, or just exploring your own backyard. 


Something as simple as a frame really helps us see these tiny treasures differently. 



Anna Harpe