Under the Love Umbrella


Inspired by the way Allison Colpoys' bright palette absolutely pops against the black cover of this book, I set up my youngest with a simple project that could easily be adapted for any occasion.

Here's how we did it:


1.  Black paper

2.  Clear contact paper (I always check the dollar store for this stuff!)

3.  Bright paints (all the heart eyes for these squeeze bottles!)

4.  Scissors

5.  Q-tips (or whatever painting tool you choose.... mid painting session my daughter found some small paper cups she used to stamp with as well...)


1.  Cut a heart to desired size from the contact paper


2.  Peel off the backing and stick it to the paper


3.  Set up your little one with a palette of paints and let them go for it!  

4.  Peel off the contact paper to reveal your finished piece!


This was such a quick and fun little painting session.  We'll write a message in the middle and send it off to a special someone under our own love umbrella!

Anna Harpepaint, diy, craft, love