A Hat for Mrs. Goldman


A Hat for Mrs. Goldman is a sweet story about a persistent little girl determined give back to a neighbor who is always thinking of others.  G. Brian Karas's illustrations perfectly complement the words of Michelle Edwards, making for a story as cozy as your favorite winter hat. Flip to the back of the book and you'll even find instructions to make your own knit hat and pom-poms!  


While my preschooler isn't quite ready for knitting, he definitely enjoyed making the pom-poms, and our house is now scattered with the fluffy balls (which the two year old doesn't mind at all!) After we were all pom-pommed out, we made some of these oh-so-adorable tiny hats. Aren't they sweet?  Just think of the possibilities! Christmas ornaments, doll hats, place cards settings.... I'm sure you'll think of some way to use these cute little guys during the holiday season.  If nothing else, they'll keep kids busy while waiting for dinner tomorrow!  Preschoolers might need a little help, but older kids will be able to whip these up in no time.

Here's how we did it:


1. Cut your paper tube into rings about 1/2" wide


2.  Prepare your yarn pieces.  How many strands you need will depend on the thickness of your yarn.  Each of my hats took about 24-26 pieces. To quickly cut them the pieces, I wrapped yarn around a small book then simply cut through all the strands at one end.  Sharp scissors help!


3. Take a strand and fold it in the middle


4. Insert your folded yarn through the middle of a tube then bring the loose ends around the other side and through your loop


5. Repeat until the entire tube is covered! You'll end up with this jelly-fish type creature


6. Now take the strands up through the middle to the other side.  I divided the hanging strands in two halves, pushing one half up at a time.  The result should look something like this


7. Take another piece of yarn and tie the top, leaving a pom-pom. You may want to trim a little depending on how long your yarn pieces are.


Pretty cute, right? And simple too! It's the perfect activity to do while not-watching football or waiting for that turkey to cook.  Enjoy!

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